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Raúl Mamone

Raúl Alejandro Mamone was born on January 16, 1961 , in Buenos Aires , Argentina . He has studied several scenic art subjects (acting, singing and dancing). He took acting lessons in the TEA Taller Escuela of Actor with Horacio "Pucho" Medrano, as well as singing techniques and singing with Patricia Barone and in the music school “Escuela Popular de Música del Sadem”. He also took dancing lessons in Argentinean tango with the professors Natalia Games and Gabriel Angió, Ernesto Carmona, Milonga: Pepito Avellaneda and Omar Vega, among others.

In 1999 he is co-founder with Dr. Eduardo González of the radio program “NORTEÑO TANGO” from South to North all Tango, in Radio Ciudad de Banfield, and currently still collaborating from Barcelona on www.radiociudad.com.ar

He is currently Académico de Número de la Asociación Amigos del Tango de Lomas de Zamora – belonging to the National Academy of Tango (Academia Nacional del Tango in Buenos Aires ) in which he was also member of the Managing board.

Since 1988 until today, he took part as dancer and tango singer in several theatre and tango shows, creating his own or being directed by well-known directors. He also appeared in many films dedicated to the genre: La lección de Tango de Sally Poter, Tango de Carlos Saura, La Memòria i el Perdó (TV3 Catalunya), Cita a Muerte en el UP & DOWN (TV3 Catalunya) to mention some.

Since 2000, he is located in Barcelona, and develops an intense Tango activity as dancing teacher of the following schools La Escuela de Bailes de Salón Pasbasic de Alella y de La Escuela de Bailes de Salón Imma i Damià de Barcelona, del Tarragona Tango Club, Assoc. Amics de Ball de Gavá, etc...

Workshops, Stages and Intensivos:

Festival Tango Rojo de Londres

2009 Stage Tango and Milonga traspié - Asoc. Sabadell Tango
2009 Stage Tango and milonga Narbonne – Francia Asoc. Por Ti Tango
2009 Stage Milonga traspie Montpelier – Francia - Asoc. Amor de Tango

2008 Stage Milonga traspié - Asoc. Sabadell Tango.
2008 Stage Tango and Milonga - Narbonne - Francia, - Asoc. Por Ti Tango
2007 Stage Tango - Milonga - Perpignan – Francia, - Asoc. Gym Dance
2006/7 Stage tango - milonga - El Alguero – Isla de de la Cerdeña – Italia
2005/2006 Workshop Técnica, Tango milonguero, milonga lisa and traspiè, vals criollo -Viena - Austria, www.nicolastango.com
2003 gira Pescara (Italia) trio Nosotros - tangos and boleros, and wokshops
2003 Cecilia Moure and Raúl - Stage Tango, Milonga and Vals - Assoc. Tango Passión de Gap - Francia.
2002 Cecilia Moure and Raúl - Stage Tango and Milonga - Assoc. Latino Latina - Briançon - Francia

As singer and dancer, he has been performing with a notable success in shows as Opera Tango "María de Buenos Aires", "Tango que fuiste y serás...", “De tango... un poco", "Tango por Amor", "El Regreso" (Con el tango en el alma), Chamuyando Tangos,, as well as several performances in locals and night clubs in Catalonia and other European cities.

Raúl Mamone emerges as one of the new talents of the Rioplatense music in Barcelona , fresh and young blood for the tango clubs in this city. This Argentinean artist is reaching out a well deserved place in the Barcelona nights based on hard work and dedication, counting with the support of the tango people of Barcelona where he starts to be recognised and beloved since now.

Liz Betancourt
The Florida Tribune
(Spanish section)

Raúl Alejandro Mamone:

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